All you need to Know about Divorce Lawyers in Mumbai

Divorce is defined as a complete termination of a marital relationship. In India, the divorce cases are increasing rapidly and especially in metropolitan cities, like Mumbai. Undoubtedly, it is among the most traumatic misfortunes for any married couple. However, the entire process of divorce can go for several months which is, indeed, a tough state to get through. Before opting for a divorce, an individual must keep one thing in mind that the overall process of divorce extends for almost a year and talking about special cases where children are involved the procedure may continue for years. That’s the reason people tend to look for the best divorce lawyer in Mumbai.

History of Divorce Law
There is no arguing that India is a land of varied religious communities that have their own
laws of marriage, thus the divorce procedure also varies. All the communities, namely
Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and Sikhs can go for divorce easily under the Hindu Marriage Act
1955. On the contrary, the Muslim, Parsi and Christian communities have their own laws that
help to govern marriage and divorce. Coming to the spouses belonging to different castes
and communities can easily go for divorce under the Special Marriage Act, 1956. Most
importantly, there is also the Foreign Marriage Act 1969 where either partner belongs to
another nationality can seek a divorce. Having a lot of divorce acts, there are many divorce
law firms in Mumbai that helps couples to get divorced quite easily.
With the advent of modernization, there are several acts have been passed by the
government in order to make the existing divorce procedure in India more progressive in
contrast to sensitive issues like gender affairs. Even the court lawyers for divorce in Mumbai
have to struggle a lot while executing the task of divorce.
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Divorce Law Terms You Should Know
Here are the lists of terms that you should know about divorce law.
 Custody: It can be legal, which clearly indicates that you have the necessary rights to make
crucial decisions regarding the welfare of your child. This means that the child should live with
and is raised by you.
Prenuptial Agreement: It can be defined as an agreement made between a male and a female
before getting married. In this process, they give up future rights to each other assets with
respect to the property.

Stipulation: In this agreement, the divorcing spouses can settle the issues between them.

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